Hand Dyed Yardage

Much of Marit's hand-dyed yardage is created using a Japanese tube-wrapping technique, in which the fabric is rolled on a pvc pipe, then scrunched and twisted, before the dye is applied. Colors blend into each other producing a wide range of hues. She uses the term "atmospheric" because the Artspoken Yardage often appears cloud-like. Marit gives names to various color combinations, such as Monet's Garden, Rainbow, Multi, or Flower Garden. When she dyes cotton muslin for quilters, she will dye (6) one-yard pieces at one time. The next time she does that color scheme, the pieces are different. She varies the colors slightly. Each time, it is very exciting to see the new hues develop. Marit consider herself an artist who explores new variations, not a technician who replicates colors.
One of the other methods that Marit favors is a fold-and-dip-dye procedure. The fabric is folded into rectangles, squares, or triangles, then dipped into the dye. She calls this dyeing technique "echo," because of the repeated pattern.

For the garments, Marit dyes a variety of both cottons and the silks. She dyes the yardage in three-yard pieces, which is the amount needed for a typical jacket. No two pieces are alike.
Marit's fabric is not available for sale from this web site. Each piece is too individual and unique. Please visit Marit at a quilt show to purchase her fabric. See her schedule.

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