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"With my dyeing, the unexpected is always happening. Much of what happens in our lives is regulated and predictable. My dyeing allows for spontaneity; the fibers, the water, and the dyes themselves all react individually and in concert with each other. The parameters that I establish for each piece of yardage encourage diversity, harmony, and originality all at the same time. The delight in seeing the resulting color-plays provide excitement and drama. Creating wearable art that focuses on color, patterns, and altered textures of the dyed yardage is a challenge met by following classic, ethnic garment lines. When the yardage is particularly striking, in itself, I prefer to cut minimally. At the other extreme, I cut fabric into a myriad tiny pieces to reassemble into yardage of another dimension, often combining fiber contents, surfaces, and colors. Sometimes, I add names and stories which enhance the theatre of wearable art.

In addition to the artspoken yardage and wearable art, I also create humorous hand screen-printed designs with artstanding titles and poetic tales for t-shirts, tote bags, and cards. I have been doing artfairs in the upper Midwest for nearly thirty years; I have been part of the national quilt scene for two decades. My garments and fabrics are found on six continents."

Exhibition: "DUO TONE"
Raymond Avenue Gallery,
Saint Paul, MN, Nov.-Dec. 2003

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