Celebrating Creativity

Invitation Details:
Please send a good quality color photo of your quilt or garment. It does not need to be a studio shot. Your own color snapshot will work. It must be in focus and properly exposed. Also include:
1.Your name or names (if a joint venture)
2. Address (state if you want to be contacted via your address)
3. Phone Number (state if you want this listed as a way to contact you)
4. Web page or e-mail address (state if you are willing to be contacted)
5. Name of the quilt or pattern (tell us, if it is an original pattern or list the book/source, if you can recall)
6. The year you made the quilt or garment
7. List other fabrics you used in this quilt, to the extent that you can remember. We would like to credit other fabric artists who produce unique and original yardage, as well as the commercial manufacturers.
8. Has this quilt been published in a book or publication; list name, authors, and year of publication
9. Has this quilt won awards? List where and when.
10. What was the inspiration for the quilt. Does it have a story? Tell it.
1l. Any tips you would like to share.
12. Any other information you would like us to consider for the e-book.
13. Submission of your photo and information gives permission for use in the ARTSPOKEN YARDAGE e-gallery. Please sign your name and the date to certify this approval.
All information must be readable. We do not want to misread any handwriting.

Click here for printable form to send with your photo. THANK YOU!

The reason we want a hard copy photo is because too many people shoot digital pictures at the highest resolution, which clog up e-mails. This highest resolution is not necessary for our e-gallery. Thank you for joining the on-going celebration of creating hand-dyed fabric for you.

Please send photo, information, and signature/date as permission to:
Marit Lee Kucera
30 South Saint Albans Street #5
Saint Paul, MN 55105 USA
(651) 222-2483

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