Celebrating Creativity

Marit Lee Kucera for ARTSPOKEN YARDAGE celebrates over
20 years of dyeing fabric for quilters worldwide!

In 2005, Marit established a special online e-gallery to celebrate over 20 years of dyeing fabric for quilters with a special online e-gallery. The purpose of this gallery is to showcase and catalog the wonderful quilts and garments that have been created with Artspoken Yardage.

There is no opening/closing timeline; the gallery is on-going. The goal is to highlight how you, the fabric user, have utilized Marit’s fabric to give voice to your own designs and quilting expressions.

Marit began the creative cycle; she dyed the fabric, which she has given names like Monet’s Garden, Firefly, Northern Lights, Landscape; Colorado, Flower Garden, and the list goes on. Then you took it to new heights and exciting places as a quilter, garment/accessory designer, or doll maker. This e-gallery allows you to share your artwork with hundreds of special fabric lovers who have used hand-dyed yardage from ARTSPOKEN YARDAGE.

Join the on-going celebration and share your artwork with us!

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Celebrating Creativity